About Me

Originating from New Jersey of Cuban descent, Giselle Gastell is a woman with a vision. From the early age of five she felt that her future was in music and since then she has cultivated her voice.

Giselle maintains a strong connection to her Hispanic roots which is evident in her music. Her first EP, “Miénteme,” included the single of the same name which was a hit in the United States. This collaborative work between Giselle, the maestro Alejandro Jaen and Pedro Miguel Morales broke onto the Latin Billboard charts and took her to major television and radio networks like América Tevé, MundoFox, Telemundo, Univisión, Mega TV, Cubana de Televisión, Súper Canal and Radio WADO among others.

It is fundamental for Giselle that each song that she pours herself into captures her essence and message. Her follow-up single,“Estúpida Canción” empowered women with its “Girl Power” lyrics and attitude; it is a song for independent women everywhere. Created with the maestro Alfredo Matheus, the succes of “Estúpida Canción” and its accompanying video led Giselle to branch out from the US including Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

A firm believer in music’s positive impact, Giselle is grateful for the opportunity to share her passion and talent with audiences of all ages. She has demonstrated her fierce stage presence time after time. Giselle has been a part of Monitor Latino in California, New York Latin Fashion Week, Day of the Dead in Six Flags Atlanta, the famous Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, the Puerto Rican Day Parade and was crowned Queen of the NJ Cuban Parade. One of her most cherished performances was her presentation in the Latin Billboards Conference where she received aclaim for her talent and works.

In addition to her musical career, Giselle is a film and theatre actress. She studied in the reknown Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York and has appeared in Off-Broadway shows. Her work in the short film, “Over Dinner,” garnered her a nomination for “Best Actress” in the NY Latino Short Film Festival.

« Her new single, “Otra Cosa,” promises to be a success as she continues to mark her stamp on the music industry. »